Lander Athletics Philosophy and Purpose

Philosophy and Purpose
of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program
Lander University

The dual purposes of the intercollegiate athletics program at Lander University are to promote the role of the athletics program as it supports the stated mission of the University and to promote the academic achievement and whole development of each student-athlete who represents the University. Further, the program reflects the Statement of Purpose in assisting athletes to "develop skills and ideals conducive to positive physical and mental health" and, further, to "provide cultural opportunities for the University's constituents." Toward these ends, it is the intention of the athletics administrators to shape a program characterized by honesty, integrity, fairplay, and the highest ideals of amateur athletic competition and academic achievement.

Because it encourages broad student, faculty, administration, staff, and community participation, the athletics program is grounded in the expectation that intercollegiate athletes at Lander University will emphasize academics first; academic progress of players will be a primary aim of the program. Further, student-athletes are expected to meet their academic responsibilities as students progressing toward degree completion; to be positive role models for the institution, both on and off campus; and to strive toward becoming effective, contributing members of society.

As an integral part of the total education offering at Lander University, the athletics program is under the control of the administration of the institution and the Athletics Committee. Standards relating to admissions, academic standing, and academic progress of student-athletes are all subject to, consistent with, and often are even higher than standards exacted by the institution of all other students.

Reaffirmed by the Lander University Board of Trustees, March 3, 2015
Reviewed by the Lander University Board of Trustees, June 6, 2010
Approved by the Lander University Board of Trustees, June 6, 2006
Reviewed by the lander University Athletics Committee, November 11, 1994